Stop valve for dark bar ammonia

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The dark bar of stainless steel bellows globe valve electric valve manufacturing Co. Ltd. Zhejiang dark rod stainless steel bellows globe valve is suitable for the nominal pressure of PN1.6 ~ 16MPa, the working temperature of -29 to 350 DEG C flammable,explosive, toxic, toxic fluid, high temperature heat-conducting oil, liquid medium. Dark bar valve widely used: petroleum chemical industry, chemical fiber textile, paper,plastic, rubber, printing and dyeing power steel natural gas and other gas system,safe and reliable performance, widely used in ethylene glycol and other industrialfluid. Dark bar valve drive a manual, gear, electric, pneumatic etc..

Dark bar valve opening and closing parts is the valve plate, the valve plate and thedirection of motion of the fluid direction is vertical, dark bar valve can be fully open and fully closed, can not be adjusted and the throttle. The valve plate has two sealingsurface, the valve plate valve is the most common mode of sealing surface to form two wedge, wedge angle varies with the valve parameters, usually 50, medium is not high temperature is 2 degrees 52''''. The dark bar valve plate cut-off valve can be made into a whole, called the rigid valve plate; the valve plate can also be made to produce small deformation, in order to improve their craft, make up the sealing surface angle deviations arising during processing, the valve plate is called the flexible valve plate.

Dark bar valve is also called the rotating rod valve (also called dark bar wedge type cut-off valve). Stem nut in disc, hand wheel rotation to drive the valve rod, leaving gate to upgrade, a trapezoidal thread is usually in the stem of the bottom of the bottom end of the thread, through the valve on the valve flap and the guide groove,the rotary motion into linear motion, which is the operating torque thrust into operation. Open the dark bar valve, when the gate valve lift height is equal to 1:1times the diameter, the fluid flow channel completely, but at run time, this position is unable to monitor. Actual use, is the apex of the stem as a symbol, which means that the fixed position, as its full open position. Temperature changes appear to consider locking phenomenon, usually open to the vertex position, and then fell back to 1/2 1circle, as a fully open valve position. Therefore, the valve fully open position of the valve rod dark, according to method of plate position (that is, to determine the trip. ".