Ammonia valve

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Globe valve (stop valve, Globe Valve) opening and closing parts are plug shaped valve, sealing surface flat or cone, the valve seat along the center line of therectilinear motion. Stem form of exercise, (generic name: dark bar), but also lift rotating rod can be used for the control of air, water, steam, all kinds of corrosivemedia, mud, oil, metals and radioactive liquid media and other types of fluid flow.Therefore, this type of cut-off valve is suitable for cutting or regulation and throttle use. Because of the valve stem to open or close the relatively short trip, and havevery reliable cutting off function, and because changes in the valve seat and the valve stroke is proportional, is very suitable for the adjustment of flow

The cut-off valve, also called the door, is one of the most widely used as a valve, the reason why it is popular, because the process of opening and closing the sealing surface friction between the small, more durable, highly open small, easy manufacture, convenient repair, not only for low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure. Valve closure principle, relying on the valve bar pressure, so that the valve seat sealing surface and sealing surface tightly, to prevent media flow. Stop valve can only medium one-way flow, directional installation. The length of the structure is greater than the cut-off valve valve, and fluid resistance, long-term operation, the sealing reliability is not strong

A, use and performance

Pressure rating at room temperature test pressure (Mpa)

Housing sealing seal test

Nominal pressure (Mpa) 1.6 2.4 1.76 1.76

2.5 3.75 2.75 2.75

4 6 4.4 4.4

Application of the temperature of -40~+80 DEG C

Applicable medium ammonia, liquid ammonia, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas,etc.

Two, the operating principle and structure:

1, the hand wheel clockwise turn, the valve rod to move downwards, the valve flap down so that the sealing surface of sealing, the channel cut off. The downturn is open, the valve rod sealing effect referred to the highest point

2, the valve sealing a increased. In the valve open state, and filling the role with two seals, and has certain protective function to the filler

3, the valve using nylon products as a sealing cover, packing soft forming filler, the seal for the soft material, good sealing performance

Three, the material of main parts:

Part name materials

The valve body valve cover WCB LCB CF8

Stem Cr13 F304

The valve clack of nylon 1010 F4 babbit alloy (B)

The valve stem nut Cr13 F304

Stuffing PTFE + NBR

Shim XB450

Handwheel nodular cast iron

Four, the main dimensions and connection dimensions:

DN L D D1 D2 B F Z-D H D0

15130956545162 with 4- 14207120

201501057555162 with 4- 14217120

251601158565162 with 4- 14219120

3219013510075182 with 4- 18280160

4020014511085183 with 4- 18330200

50230160125100203 with 4- 18350240

65290180145120223 with 8- 18400280

80310195160135223 with 8- 18430320

100350135190160243 with 8- 23465360

125400270220188283 with 8- 25558400

150480300250218303 with 8- 25611400

200600360310278343 with 12- 25710450