Full welded ball valve flange

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Size: full size & standard size DN15 (1/2 ") of 750 ~ DN (30")

Pressure rating: ANSI Class 150 ~ 300, 16 ~ 50 PN

Working temperature: -29 degrees C (-20 degrees F) ~ +200 degrees C (392 degrees F)

To adapt to the medium: gasoline (LNG / LPG)

Mode of operation: the handle, gear (vertical / horizontal), electric


L international certification and standards

L (liquefied natural gas to gasoline / LPG) specifically designed for pipe applications

L and pipeline system with life

L free repair, do not need to adjust or lubricating oil, low operation cost

L two-way valve

L can be used for special coating corrosion

The main features of:

The L end is connected with one end of the valve body pipe (Note: is used for connecting the end dimensions: ASTM, EN, KS/JIS etc.)

The L mirror polished stainless steel ball to test

L bubble tight sealing and physical carbon enhanced PTFE (Teflon) seat

L pre load spring cushion to ensure low temperature leak tight and reducing the valve operating torsion

According to the international standard L against burst valve stem

L two O ring to ensure that the valve stem seals and can replace

L stem dry automatic lubrication bearing capacity and metal with PTEF coating,without additional lubricant

L stem and port connection pipe can be extended according to customer design requirements.


L valve: carbon steel ST37, A106-B, STPG 370, A105, ASTM A516-60, A216-WCB or equivalent. Stainless steel 304 or 316 (to choose)

The L sphere: stainless steel 304 or 316 level

L seat: PTFE, enhanced PTFE, Nylon, Peek etc.