The standard of full welded ball valve

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Size: full size & standard size DN50 (2 ") 1400 ~ DN (56")

Pressure rating: ANSI Class 150 ~2500, PN 16 ~ 420

Working temperature: -29 degrees C (-20 degrees F) ~ +200 degrees C (392 degrees F)

To adapt to the medium: Oil / gas, LNG / LPG gas, petroleum chemical industry, iron and steel plant, heating pipes etc.

Mode of operation: the handle, gear (vertical / horizontal), electric

Standard features:

Butt welding & flange for entity structure end

Mirror polishing the stainless steel ball to test

The preload spring cushion to ensure low temperature leak tight and reducing thevalve operating torsion

According to the international standard against burst valve stem

Stem dry automatic lubrication bearing capacity and metal with PTEF coating, without additional lubricant

A floating or fixed ball valve

Feature selection: (on request)

Self rescue seat

Vertical device and stem extension

Special port and path

Antistatic device

The stem can emergency treatment of oil and fat

Valve lubricant and sealant of emergency equipment

Seal metal to metal seating

Double block and bleed

Double piston effect of valve seat

Fire safety design with graphite gasket

Use a plastic polymer sealing valve seat

Safety valve body cavity

Ball and stem of electroless nickel plating


Body: carbon steel ST37, A106-B, STPG 370, A105, ASTM A516-60, A216-WCB or equivalent. Stainless steel 304 or 316 (to choose)

Sphere: stainless steel 304 or 316 level

Seat: the metal seat with polymer sealing ring, PTFE, RTFE, Viton, Nylon, Peek etc.

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