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Ammonia valve 2

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Pressure rating at room temperature test pressure (Mpa)

Low pressure seal housing seal

Nominal pressure (LB) 1503 2.2 0.6

3007.5 5.5 0.6

Application of the temperature of -40~+80 DEG C

Applicable medium ammonia, liquid ammonia, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas,etc.

A, use and performance specification

Q41 type ball valve is suitable for the small caliber pipeline, all kinds of pressure,temperature and medium to connect or disconnect the line media control the opening and closing device; by medium pressure will be pressed in the seat on the ball outlet,the use of pressure and diameter are subject to certain restrictions. Adopt 90 DEGtransmission, so the switch is convenient and rapid, can carry out fast the opening and closing.

Two, the operating principle and structure

1, ball valve channel is smooth and easy to sweep line pipe cleaning, can deliver the slurry and solid particles and other media.

2, using PTFE (Teflon) materials such as sealing, with good lubrication and elasticity,and the sphere of friction coefficient of small, long service life.

3, rapid opening and closing, opening and closing when the ball is rotated 90 degrees, convenient and quick.

4 ball valve fluid resistance small, open channel, the channel of the valve body andball connecting pipeline section area and equal, a straight line figured, medium flow through the valve, the equivalent through a section of straight pipe, valve in various types of valves in the fluid of least resistance.

5, configured with manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic, electric (explosion-proof) can realize the remote automatic control, can meet a variety of conditions of the user's request.

Note: more than DN200 above the valve selection of Q347 type fixed ball valve.

Four, the main Q41F dimensions and connection dimensions:

DN L D D1 D2 D6 B F Z-D H

25150115856558162 4-*14 150

321651351007566182 4-*18 160

401801451108576183 4-*18 175

502001601251008820 4-*18 185

652201801451201102 3 8-*18 200

802501951601351212 3 8-*18 220

100320135190160150 243 8-*23 248

125400270220188176 283 8-*25 380

150400300250218204 303 8-*25 420

200600375310278260 343 12-*25 530

Five, the main Q347F dimensions and connection dimensions:

DN L D D1 D2 D6 B F Z-D H

250568425370332363 12-*30 608

300648485430390403 16-*30 774

350762550490448443 16-*34 820

400883610550505483 16-*34 900

450914660600555503 20-*34 1050

500991730660610523 20-*41 1200

Six, the material of main parts:

Parts name material

The valve body valve cover of carbon steels WCB

The ball body of stainless steel 304SS

Sealing ring PTFE (Teflon) - polytetrafluoroethylene

Valve rod chromium stainless steel Cr13

Stem packing PTFE

The flange nut / bolt 35#